You will be creating a Victorian newspaper.  There is much historical context that should go along with the reading of Oliver Twist so this will give you a chance to research all relevant information to help you understand the novel on a deeper level.  What was happening in Victorian England when Dickens wrote this book influenced the story in many ways.  Much like Victor Hugo,Dickens was a social critic of his time.  Writing novels was one of the ways they both could influence their leaders to bring about much needed reforms. 

For this project you will be exploring all aspects of Victorian society, using your creativity to create a newspaper, and writing articles using your talent as a writer. 
Attached you will find some reference material to aid you in setting up your newspaper.  We will be going to the library to research information, but most of this will be done on your own time.  It will be worth 100 points and due the week before break in February. 

Here are the basic requirements for the paper:


To follow are the topics for your articles that must be included in the paper.  (You are certainly able to include more if you desire:


some links to get you started:

general (thanks to Mrs. McVey's class for the heads up on this site!) (this site has something for all the topics!) (about children of the time)

Queen Victoria


The Industrial Revolution

artwork of the time (illustrations from Dickens)